Anna Fairchild is an artist and researcher working with sculpture, photography and film. She has exhibited and curated both nationally and internationally.



Songs of Fig & Apple, 2020

2020: Blakefest 2020, Virtual Visions, curated by Mikey B GeorgesonFilm work Songs of Fig and Apple (Invited)

Looking For Obsidian

2020: Looking for Obsidian short film invited by The University of East London, Sensorium, curated by Mikey B Georgeson

Seiche, 2020

Liquid Istanbul

2019: Ask (Love) Art Festival, Istanbul Concept Gallery, Turkey, Istanbul Fluid, Short film projection (Invited)

2017: Experimental Film ClubIstanbul Fluid at Market Gallery, Glasgow, (Selected)

2017: Blakefest, UK, Performative Drawing piece, curated by Racheal Searle and Mikey Georgeson (invited)

2017: Salon Open CallAngus Hughes Gallery, London. Photographic film still from Istanbul Fluid (selected)

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